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Butzke Burch Construction offers a full complement of construction management services including design build solutions, general contracting, pre-construction services and owner’s representation. These services are described below and each offer value in different situations with various types of clients and projects.

The design build delivery method provides one point of contact and one contract for the client. Butzke Burch Construction maintains one contract with the client and contracts directly with all design professionals, suppliers and subcontractors. This process can be well suited for both clients that are unfamiliar with the construction process and those that are seasoned facility managers. In many situations the design build solution may be advantageous by expediting the design and construction process with all team members reporting to one project lead. Butzke Burch Construction has the talent and experience to lead the client’s project team from brainstorming through project closeout.

Although Butzke Burch Construction has the capability of leading a project team under one umbrella, we are also able to add value to the client as a general contractor. In this delivery method the owner will have separate contracts with Butzke Burch Construction, an architecture firm and the engineering disciplines. Butzke Burch Construction will work closely with the client and design team to establish the project budget and schedule prior to entering into a lump sum or fixed fee with a guaranteed maximum cost contract. As the client’s general contractor, Butzke Burch Construction will award subcontracts and purchase orders based on competitive bidding and negotiations.

Butzke Burch Construction may be hired to perform pre-construction services without the commitment of a construction contract. Pre-construction services include initial budgeting, scheduling, value engineering, design professional selection and site development assistance. Pre-construction services can be agreed upon on a lump sum basis or time and material costs. Pre-construction services may be a stand-alone solution, but often transitions into additional construction needs for a client if a project is deemed viable.

Owner’s representation or construction manager as owner’s agent services are a value adding solution in many situations. In this delivery method, Butzke Burch Construction will not hold any subcontractor or supplier contracts and the owner will hold all prime contracts. The sole focus for Butzke Burch Construction is the client’s interests as the owner’s representative. The construction manager as owner’s agent is a delivery method often utilized with new development projects and for public agencies. School districts, government agencies and municipalities may hire a construction manager based on credentials and reputation to lead the public bidding and construction process with low bid, prime contracts held by the client.

Pre-Construction Process

Allowing Butzke Burch to become a member of the project team early in the pre-construction process can add great value for the client. Our goal during pre-construction is to arrive at a budget and schedule that is acceptable for the client. This is accomplished due to our creative thinking, collaboration with designers and positive working relationships with numerous subcontractors from each trade category. Through early involvement as a team member, Butzke Burch can assist with material availability and cost, workforce availability, equipment evaluation and assembly of a design build team when necessary. Each of these practices will ultimately condense the project schedule and reduce change orders during construction.

Schedule Management

The Butzke Burch Construction method of scheduling is based on open communication and whole team input. Proper scheduling starts during the budgeting process as all subcontractors are expected to communicate material lead times, workforce availability and durations of installation. This collaboration during pre-construction creates a more accurate construction master schedule and eliminates many issues that may have come up during construction.

Once the start of construction is within two weeks, Butzke Burch Construction will begin producing current week production, next week production and two-week schedules. This will continue throughout construction with these schedules being updated daily and weekly alongside all subcontractors. This unique scheduling practice eliminates many of the typical scheduling shortfalls in construction such as material delivery delays and labor shortage.

Quality Control

Quality materials and craftmanship are monitored during budgeting, submittals and throughout construction with onsite personnel. The QC goal during our jobsite supervision is to identify and correct any work deficiencies prior to moving on to the next task. This practice helps reduce change orders, punch list items and scheduling conflicts for future tasks.


The number one goal on all Butzke Burch Construction jobsites is to send everyone home safe to their families each night. This is accomplished through constant communication, task specific safety plans, mandating of proper PPE, verification of worker training and full-time supervision during higher risk situations. All Butzke Burch Construction personnel have completed the 30-hour OSHA certification and additional continued training courses. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, Butzke Burch Construction implements jobsite specific plans to maintain both client expectations and a safe work environment for everyone on site.

Close-Out & Warranty

A project specific close-out plan is crucial to a seamless facility turnover to the owner. Butzke Burch Construction assigns high priority to the close-out process (typically the final month of construction) with early requests for warranty information, operation and maintenance manuals and completing video recorded owner training for any new equipment and/or systems. Following substantial completion of the project, Butzke Burch Construction will warrant the craftsmanship for a period of one year.

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