Deciding whether it is the right time to build is based on a number of different factors for each of our clients. Some of our clients are ready to build because their lease is expiring while for others the time is now because of a need to expand. Regardless of a business’ reason for initiating a construction project, we are always asked “what is the right time to start?”. This question is even more relevant in 2022 for our clients because of their knowledge of price fluctuation and supply chain woes around the world.

In today’s market, pricing is going up and down for different material types. Our recommendations may be different if a project is primarily constructed of wood, steel or other materials. In general, pricing and lead times across the board have increased and a number of materials are scheduled for additional price increases. I don’t say this lightly as it may scare potential clients to the point of putting their project on hold. I say this because it is a truth of our industry. This is a perfect reason to select your contractor early in your process and allow them to explore alternative materials, value engineering opportunities and timing strategies for the project.