Some of our clients have heard the term design-build but many are new to the concept. If you are unfamiliar with design-build, it may also be a reason to explore this project delivery method. In this article I am going to discuss what design-build really means, what the pros are and who might be the best fit for this approach.

So what is design-build? Design-build is a construction project delivery method that has gained momentum over the past ten years in which the client initiates one contract with a design-build contractor as opposed to separate contracts with an architect, engineers and the general contractor. The design-build contractor will contract directly with an architect, structural engineer, civil engineer or any other design professionals based on project needs.

Design-build often times creates a more collaborative approach between the contractor and design team. This can then expedite a project schedule, implement more cost effective and available materials and provide a more simplified approach for the client. By having one point of contact there is less responsibility for the client to manage and coordinate multiple team members. Many of our clients have separate day jobs and therefore do not have the extra time to lead a team like a design-build contractor can.